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About Papa's Pizza and Kebab

Papa's Pizza and Kebab's chefs prepare creative and innovative dishes to create the ultimate collection and delivery experience. Service is a top priority here, and one of the many things Papa's Pizza and Kebab prides itself on is our quality service. What’s the point of offering a unique and different range of food, if the delivery experience isn’t equally as fresh and on time? Papa's Pizza and Kebab success looks to continue for years to come.

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20 Birmingham Road
Sutton Coldfield, B721QG

Top Dishes



cheese, tomato, ham and pineapple


cheese, tomato, ham and mushroom


cheese, tomato, onion, green peppers and double pepperoni


cheese, tomato, lamb, pepperoni, ham and chicken


Papa's Pizza and Kebab's Reviews

977 reviews


  • Well it's the first time in a while that I've woken up and known immediately what room I'll be in within the next 30 seconds (the toilet).


  • it is expensive in comparison to other local kebab shops but certainly the best quality. they need to keep their bottled drinks cold though.


  • Arrived within the time stated. Fries same as always thought I'd try a donner &shish kebab although tasty didn't think it was worth £7.50 so won't be ordering that again


  • Really enjoyed my order,very tasty.


  • Really enjoyed my order,very tasty


  • Superb as ever, hot, tasty and fresh, great value for money


  • Lovely, best kebabs in the area :) the meat is very succulent complimented with fresh salad & a delicious newly cooked soft flat bread .. hits the spot.


  • Pizza cold and burnt, not good value for Money nor what I expected. Wouldn't buy again or advise anyone to. I did get a 2nd pizza sent out if I handed over the 1st burnt pizza.


  • Wonderful restaurant. Quality always great and the customer service second to none. If you like tasty. Yummy take away food you can't go wrong here. Highly recommend to everyone


  • The chips were soggy, I enjoyed the chicken tho, nuggets Wernt great and the pizza was flavourless glad I had a voucher and didn't actually pay for this meal or I'd have been sorely disappointed


  • Not too bad


  • The burger and chips where really tasty and fresh. All food arrived much sooner than I expected and was piping hot. Happy to recommend x


  • good clean food, speedy service can't complain..


  • Fantastic, fresh chicken and salad, hot and arrived before it should make. Cheers


  • Superb Chicken Kebab, lovely juicy chicken, fresh salad and pitta, amazingly fast delivery and piping hot, cheers